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ApertureDB: Visual Data Management Made Easy

Information Technology

A high performance database to manage visual data (images / videos) for data science applications.

Visual data or image/video data is growing exponentially due to its value in driving business differentiation via data science. Managing this big-visual-data is time consuming, frustrating, and inefficient due to a lack of data management solutions designed with visual data or data science in mind. ApertureDB is a unique, specialized database for visual data. ApertureDB stores and manages images, videos, and associated metadata like annotations and feature vectors. It natively supports complex searching and preprocessing operations over media objects. It is easy to set up and can integrate with cloud-based storage and ML frameworks like PyTorch/Tensorflow.

Customer Offer: Fixed term pilot for ApertureDB

We offer a fixed term, fixed cost pilot depending on the specific evaluation parameters. The pilot will involve us providing access to ApertureDB either on-premise or in any of the cloud providers.

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