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$4500 Monthly

Automate construction quality assurance & reduce rework using your BIM models in augmented reality.

In Argyle, quality assurance checklists get done 5X faster and are submitted immediately, not documented after the fact. This speeds your build and allows you to track rework and improve your process. Inspections go smoothly and communicating with the team is easy when everyone can reference the model using AR. Using Argyle on Hololens 2, view your Revit model as precisely aligned AR holograms on the jobsite to help your field team deliver, document, and communicate. With building information modeling (BIM) as a guide, jobsite workers reduce errors and rework while improving execution of complex construction. Language, COVID-19, or travel barriers? Argyle enables remote visual communications, RFIs in context, and QA on the fly.

Customer Offer: One Month Quality Assurance Pilot

At kickoff, Argyle transforms one of your projects' BIM files into interactive augmented reality (AR). We provide hardware and provide 1:1 support with site setup. In the first month, we’ll reduce rework and smooth stakeholder communications.

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