B'ZT (Beacon Zone Technology)

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B'ZT (Beacon Zone Technology)

Retail and Consumer Goods

Starting at

$4250 Monthly

B’ZT is a fashion-tech solution with location tracking app that revolutionize retail consumer data

B’ZT (Beacon Zone Technology) Smart Clothing solution leverages bluetooth beacon technology and applications combined with fashion to prevent wanderers from going missing. B'ZT solution consists of smart apparel and location tracking applications. The Smart Apparel is embedded with a bluetooth machine washable chipset, which allows a caregiver to track a child or an adult directionally and dimensionally within the preset geo-fence. Our retail and institutional enterprise clients can enhance customer engagement and increase targeted sales of additional products and services by maximizing the geo-spatial, behavioral and demographic data points through the customized B’ZT App solution.

Customer Offer: Smart Clothing One Year Pilot Program

The pilot program is a one year all-in-one Smart Clothing IoT Solution that consists of 3,000 units of washable bluetooth smart tracking chipset and IoT App Solutions.

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