Strategic Cloud Adoption Roadmap

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Strategic Cloud Adoption Roadmap

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$35,000 Annually

Build a customized, comprehensive, and actionable roadmap for securely adopting the cloud.

A successful cloud adoption requires a shift in the organizational culture and a security transformation in the IT environment. Our team of cloud experts will partner with you to evaluate your overall readiness for migration, unique business goals, industry requirements, and risk appetite in order to provide actionable recommendations that can be immediately implemented. Our experts will start with evaluating your threat profile, system architectures, risk appetite, appropriate legislative requirements, and your security needs. This approach allows us to deliver action-oriented recommendations and to design a tailored security architecture achieving an effective cybersecurity and compliance environment. Implementation can be purchased as an additional consulting service.

Customer Offer: Security and Compliance in the Cloud

60-Day evaluation and strategic mapping of the best security practices, industry compliance requirements and business goals to achieve a secured and compliant system architecture.

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