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ioAirFlow Advanced Building Analytics

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Better data & advanced analytics for healthier, more efficient buildings

ioAirFlow’s software enables facilities, operations, HSE and building auditing experts to optimize a building's operations to help improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency, ventilation, and decrease utility costs. ioAirFlow's multi-platform hardware integration allows customers to collect a broad range of IEQ data using the hardware suppliers of your choice without the need for wires, plugs, or IT integration so the platform can be used throughout multiple properties under one subscription. Our advanced analysis platform provides you with simple, actionable reports enabling you to make smarter, healthier and more cost effective decisions for your (or your clients') buildings or work spaces.

Customer Offer: ioAirFlow Building Monitoring and Intelligence

ioAirFlow's automated analysis solution helps building owners, operators, health & safety experts, and auditors identify air quality, performance, and energy efficiency gaps in any commercial building. 10% off a 12 month subscription - Ref WIC2022

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