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Learning Management System


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$75 Monthly

illuxi offers an optimized platform to put online content and training material.

The illuxi multidisciplinary team offers you its expertise to design and produce your immersive and interactive content, including virtual and augmented reality and host it on its in-house conceived software. Our team will create your distribution space while respecting your brand image. Your space can be integrated directly into your website or accessible at the address of your choice. We will add your different training contents to your space. You don't have to do anything, other than sending us your capsules, PDF, videos, etc. We facilitate the conversion of face-to-face content into an online one and enhance your existing online content. We can also support your planning, conducting, and recording of your online events.

Customer Offer: Learning Management System

Creation of a personal client space with your business brand and colors to host all your formation material such as videos, photos, PDF, or any other type.

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