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$50000 Annually

Automate merger processes and make them accessible to Credit Unions and SMEs for DIY mergers.

We've created a product that provides a series of checklists, templates, and tools to help move through the tasks to increase the chances of success for your merger. We support our Merger-in-a-box with an upfront strategy and training followed by a subscription to the product and services. It is an affordable alternative when you want to take a consultancy's strategy and execute it on your own, or just manage costs through internal management combined with your favorite consultancy firm. Merger-in-a-box provides a roadmap you can control without the need to hire resources that drive up your costs, it creates collaboration across different departments, and is a blueprint to enable accountability. What it doesn't do - yet - is auto-build your merger scripts but we can help make it easier.

Customer Offer: Accelera Merger-in-a-Box

Merger-in-a-Box is an alternative to execute a merger strategy on your own, or just manage costs through internal management alongside fractional executive resources and a DIY toolset. Our subscription provides long term solutions to your growth.

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