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$415 Monthly

A video embedded hiring solution providing a talent pipeline and technology to manage this pipeline.

OfficeTroops is a video immersive hiring platform. Employers are able to view an objective 360 degree view of the candidate beyond just the resume. Using our platform, job applicants may showcase their relevant work experience upfront in the hiring process. Hiring managers view- 1. Video Enabled Candidate Profiles along with resumes 2. Detailed Work Snippets prior to the interview to assess the candidate effectively during interviews 3.End to end tracking of video enabled hiring process. Hiring Managers have a database of transcribed, searchable job applicant videos, simplifying hiring and saving $$ and time. Along with our platform, OfficeTroops also offers recruitment services to our clients sourcing local candidates for all open jobs.

Customer Offer: OfficeTroops video hiring monthly plan

Annual subscription to the OfficeTroops Applicant Tracking software payable monthly. Includes unlimited jobs, unlimited users, 5000 annual candidate profiles with videos, 100 annual saved video interviews and automatic talent pool development.

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