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Picnic Customer Engagement Hub

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PUG builds unbreakable Brand-Customer Relationships for Enterprise.

PUG Interactive maximizes the impact of finely-tuned customer-brand relationships. We quickly and cost-effectively enable companies to solve growth-limiting business problems such as brand apathy, disengagement, loyalty, poor insight and lost revenue. Through the application of advanced gameplay mechanics and motivational psychology, our Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub platform will engage your customers with the optimal balance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, delivering the highest call to action responses possible while creating the deepest emotional connection. The customer behavioral data generated through active, opt-in gamified activity forms the foundation of optimized journey management. Picnic™ is the path to unbreakable Brand-Customer relationships.

Customer Offer: Brand-Customer Relationship Health Evaluation

A comprehensive overview of your overall Brand-Customer relationship health, including an audit of your customer loyalty systems, customer engagement outcomes alignment, and measurement of your community's engagement health.

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