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$36,000 Annually

rThreat is a breach and attack emulation platform that validates your cyber defenses.

Our platform challenges your cyber defenses using real world and custom threats in a secure environment. Our on-demand threat packages consist of known and unknown/Zero-Day threats so enterprises can utilize these malware samples to carry out security assessments. Our platform enables users to rapidly identify security gaps and optimize solutions before threat actors get a chance to strike. More importantly, it allows continuous testing of customer environments to ensure regulatory and data privacy requirements are met, remediated, and provide evidence for third-party auditors.  At the senior levels of the organization, the rThreat  platform provides a view into the response capabilities of cyber defense teams to react to threats and their ability to mitigate those risks rapidly.

Customer Offer: Ransomware Readiness Engagement

Is your organization concerned about ransomware? Test your cyber defenses using the top 10 ransomware variants seen in the wild today. Our team will help you run a ransomware live fire exercise so you can challenge your security stack.

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