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Information Technology

Global access to IT scrum teams on demand

An IT talent sourcing platform for engaging high performing scrum teams. It empowers enterprises with purposeful projects get matched with qualified teams to achieve flexibility and immediate access to global talent pool. It gives opportunities to talents that are potentially underutilized or under represented. Our GlobeTalent module is comprised of teams from areas that lack easy access to job opportunities that are both sustainable and flexible. Our VetTalent module is comprised of scrum teams of veterans who are re-entering the workforce. This solution also enables enterprise to address a UN goal in offering sustainable, decent work and economic growth.

Customer Offer: Free two week assessment of IT procurement process

The free two week assessment includes a customized evaluation of how ScrumOnDemand can benefit your organization as a standalone or integrated process in your IT procurement workflow. Upon completion companies may opt in for a 4-6 month pilot.

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