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Citia Multi-purpose Content Platform

Information Technology

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$2500 Monthly

Create DTC-like experiences for B2B buyers, so they stay engaged throughout the customer journey.

Citia makes digital communications better, faster and cheaper with customer-first UX & no-code PWAs. Businesses can now make snack-able, multi-purpose content that goes everywhere, gets measured everywhere, and most importantly, delivers the type of digital experiences that modern buyers and consumers expect. Our robust, yet easy to use SaaS solution is perfect for B2B sales communications, MarComm, internal comms and corporate communications. It delivers outstanding results of up to 10X increases in buyer engagement and delight, is a 90% cost-out solution and can speed up creation-to-distribution time by 80%. We are being used by some of the largest and most innovative global enterprises including: GE, Viacom, Atlassian, Comcast, Canva, ABB, Lantronix & Genentech.

Customer Offer: Citia B2B Buyer UX Improvement Pilot

90 Day pilot of Citia's easy to implement, no-code platform to dramatically improve your B2B buyer digital customer journeys.

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