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UNpkl Network Traffic Control & Protection

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$2500 Monthly

UNpkl empowers customers to own their network data and puts security on auto-pilot.

UNpkl provides developers and security architects with full visibility of their data connections, both inbound and outbound. This is key to success for troubleshooting, forensics and auditing purposes. Your entire connection data can be written back to your designated storage, so you can not only enhance network security, but also understand productivity. Custom polices can be configured easily to block or whitelist web addresses by sending text-message like commands. You can tag and group sources and destinations, build segmentations and manage access at scale. You get real-time alert when risky connections are established and recommendations for actions. With UNpkl cloud subscription, you can get visibility and take control of your on-premise network security anywhere, on the go.

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