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Information Technology

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$2000 Monthly

Rainbow Password protects logins and data by using colors and style options providing a better UX.

Rainbow Password makes login security very strong, practical, usable, and refreshing to use. Rainbow password with 17 million colors and 100+ style options produces stress-free passwords that users love. We give Developer APIs to setup authentication for applications (both desktop & mobile), websites, and services. Rainbow Password protects you against cyber attacks, cyber risks, cyber frauds, and data breach threats. It solves problems of a weak passwords, password reuse, and credential stuffing attacks carried using stolen passwords. Rainbow Password is giving you SEC, HIPPA, NIST, SOX, CMMI, CMMC, and ISO compliance. Takes care of human factor by forgiving many innocent human mistakes. Reduces security stress. Improves productivity. No hardware dependency. No USB key to carry.

Customer Offer: Three month free trial

Customer will receive access to the Developer API for Rainbow Password at no cost for three months.

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