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Rainbow Secure Smart Multi-factor Authentication

Information Technology

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$2500 Monthly

Multifactor user verification with smart moves that protect your business and customers.

Rainbow Secure Smart Multi-factor Solution protects your business transactions, high-risk changes, data privacy consents, and approvals and makes verification a breeze. Works on any platform without device dependency. Gives the strong cyber defense that you need in today's hyper-connected world for your Apps, Websites, and IoT device workflows. You get it on-premise or on cloud with easy to integrate developer APIs and Server.No need to have multiple windows or system IDs to protect sensitive apps and business workflows as Rainbow Secure Smart MFA gives multi-dimensional security against cyber-frauds, cyber attacks like Phishing, MIM, and other automated attacks.

Customer Offer: Three month free trial

Customer will receive access to the Developer API for Rainbow Smart MFA at no cost for three months.

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