Rainbow Passwordless login (OTP, Zero-trust security)

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Rainbow Passwordless login (OTP, Zero-trust security)

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$2000 Monthly

Multi-layer strong passwordless login authentication for any old and new application.

Rainbow secure Passwordless login helps when you don't want to remember a password. We solve the login challenges with colorful multi-tier interactive security that also gives the best user experience and best cyber defense. It's easy to integrate security in existing and new applications. You can get it on-premise as well as on cloud for better login security for your employees, partners and customers. We integrate with Active Directory, Azure AD as well as third-party identity solutions. Rainbow Secure Passwordless login gives users the best UX experience, best zero-trust login security that is easy to adopt and deploy at scale (100K+ users), and protects data, logins, devices, and services

Customer Offer: Three month free trial

Customer will receive access to the Developer API for Rainbow Secure Passwordless login at no cost for three months.

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